It’s that time for empty resolutions

Another year is coming to an end, and that means half-baked “New Year’s resolutions” are forming across the world. People vow to make some positive change in their lives because of the changing of the calendar, even though there was nothing stoping them from doing so before. Those people will most likely give up after a while. They likely had no motivation to begin with, since they needed that reminder of the passage of time to spur them into action.

These people annoy me. They recognise that there’s something they can do to make their lives happier, but that recognition isn’t enough. They often fail to stick to their goal, despite their happiness (and subsequently that of their loved ones) being at stake. They end up staying in that status quo they aren’t happy with, when those around them would be happier if they were happier.

So I wrote a poem about that sort of person while half-asleep in bed. While it may not be a good one, I hope it at least encourages people not to act like this.


New Year, Same You


“That’s me resolution”, you grumble,

with your slovely rat king looking mess of hair

and vacant, turkey-coma, catatonic stare.

“New year, new me” you grin,

with your newly acquired septuple chin.

“Ah’ll finally slim down after t’holiday” you say,

much to your tired family’s intense dismay.

“Come next year Ah’ll be a new man”, you boast,

while recycling last year’s New Year’s toast –

ignoring that this procrastinatory wish’ll crumble.



Happy New Year! Don’t be like the subject of this poem. If you know you’d be happier after a certain change, stick to it for your own and your family’s good.




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