The art of losing isn’t hard to master…

But it isn’t fun. Oh well, hubris never suited me anyway.

The finalists have been announced for the Troubadour Poetry Prize, which I entered. Each of the poems selected are deserving of their place in the winner’s list. I recommend them to any poetry lover. But losing means I am now free to share my laughable attempts at poesy online, So enjoy (or offer constructive criticism).


Avalanche of Verse Incoming


Hughes’s Trickster

A crow patrols Westmoorland Street,
looking for targets, his reason to be,
green-brown salvo falls like sleet,
the feathered fucker targeted me.



I’ve Been Thinking

I think I might be feeling blue
I struggle to find the why for each do

I want to be a hedonist and just sleep,
bury my face between thighs so sweet
or travel the world over week by week

But life rarely grants any reprieve
it’s a swarm of gogogo busy bees
stinging everyone morning til eve
with harsh truths to urge




Obscenely Early Morning

So early the chill from the mid-night de-blanketing has yet to leave your bones and the dark world outside is unpeopled leaving yourself the only wandering soul, when the eerie stillness seems to hint at some secret not for mere mortal hearts and all a lone wanderer wants is to leave with their mind focussed on just themself but in doing so they miss fellow travellers like you or I, icy boned and introspective too.



Poor Oedipus

He was messed with by the fates
same as us or one of our mates
and had his unbearable mistake
immortalised long after his wake
By some ol’ Viennese doctor snob
that couldn’t stop thinking of knob
(let’s skip the “D” rhyming scheme
so Ghost Freud doesn’t wet dream).
Rex didn’t know what he’d done
and really regretted doing mum
and his suffering properly shows
because he emptied his own eyeholes.




Life sneaks in through the cracks,
and slips away with your dreams.

He locks them up, in sturdy safe,
and laughs as you lose your mind.

But Life doesn’t realise, though he
gave no hints, that you can crack it.

It takes a bit of time and effort,
but they are still safely in reach.

When you have them back again,
they will truly be the sweetest treat.

Though Life can make the journey
longer, he has no power to prevent.



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