Let me tell you why I’m going to blog

My name is Ryan. I enjoy reading, and I’m quite into poetry. I’m even studying English at Uni right now. It was through a poetry assignment that I found out I possibly have a talent for writing poetry (since my poetry portfolio got full marks without any bribery). So I decided I’d give a career in poetry a go. And having an online presence is meant to be pretty important for writers nowadays.

So I decided I’d blog, and share poems every now and then when I’m not entering some in competitions in the hopes of getting major publicity. Since every poetry competition seems to require submissions to be brand-spanking new, having never seen the light of day before, I’ll probably share a lot of stuff that has either been rejected or just feels unenterable. But here’s one of the poems that got me a good grade in Uni:


Carry Your Dead and Walk On


Don’t put your life on hold

Stand tall and walk on

For the dead are never truly gone

Those memories still exist to be told

Don’t drown in your grief

Though your life’s gotten tougher

Loved ones above will sigh with relief

When we learn to put one foot in front of another

Don’t give into despair

Be bold even when fate is unfair

Live life enough for two or three or four or more

Take your fallen with you, and charge out the door

Share stories with other friends

Comical ones to make them chortle

To replace the sorrow with smiles

When you remember these important people


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